#ITDR: New Yorker.

Yesterday, I went shopping with 3 of my 6 sisters because one of them needed new shoes. After strolling around looking for some shoes for her, we entered some clothing shops too. Mind you, the choice of clothing shops in Luxembourg is quite limited, harsh but true.  In New Yorker, I decided to try some things on and take some pictures in the Dressing room. Let’s have a look…

First of all, the lighting in this cabin, cubicle, I don’t know how to call this limited space, is just enough to see what I’m wearing, which is the most important here anyways.

Also, for anyone who wants to know:

  • Lipstick: Colour Pop’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Be-Dazzled”
  • My Owl necklace was a gift for my birthday, 3 years ago


1st Try On:

img_3792 img_3794

Whenever I enter a clothes store, I am drawn to their dresses. Basically, for everyone who knows me, I’m not a fan of jeans, there are even people in my life that have never seen me in jeans or trousers so far. Anyways, I, the dress magnet, spied the dress and wanted to try it on because it was a “Fit & Flare” which fits my Hourglass shaped body very well and I liked the soft colours and the pattern.

Once put on, the fabric feels nice and is very stretchy in the front but somehow the chest part in the back is tighter. The straps in the back divided each one into two and created a criss-cross. It was quite tight and my rolls in the back spilt out, my armpit fat came to join the party in the back; it was such a mess from the back I didn’t even take a picture, be glad 😉 I guess if it was a size larger, the back would have been nice too and I might have bought it then.

2nd Try On:



My sister was first looking at this Tshirt dress when I decided to try it on. I don’t own a Tshirt dress and was never particularly interested in them, but I thought it could look nice. It went on smoothly, had a nice feel, it was stretchy, the stripes were nice too and it wasn’t even too short. The pocket was a nice detail and I liked the colour. Honestly, I don’t even know why I didn’t buy it, I like it, but yes, that’s what happened.

3rd Try On:



As you might know by now, I like patterns. I am not a Cat Person, neither am I a Dog Person (I’m an Elephant and Giraffe Person for all that matters), but when I see Cat print on clothes, I am here for it! I even possess a Cat dress and I tell you it is an all time favorite, I mean… 😉

So, seeing this blouse, it was no different! It’s cute with the little black cats in their red bows, the cut was also something I don’t really own but it was flattering in a way. It was nice, I could see me wearing it with a red skirt, tucked in at the front, or lo and behold, a pair of light blue jeans rolled up at the ankles and with black low converse or sneakers. The tissue was something like a chiffon blend or something. I also preferred it with the sleeves rolled up. But something wasn’t right, I didn’t feel as comfortable in it as I wanted, so I didn’t buy that one either.

4th and last Try On:


So…this top is a premiere for me! I have never worn a choker top like that thing before, in general, since the 2000s I haven’t touched a choker, I’m a legit 90s kid and I wore the chokers when they first came out back then and to me it is trend that should have stayed in the 90s. But ok, I thought I’d give it a try, plus it was on the Sales rack.

What I didn’t see were the sleeves of this top! I don’t even know how to call them to start with, but usually, I’m a huge fan of those, since my arms… (Check 1st picture for reference) But on this top… meh!-.- I prefered if it were regular sleeves. On the other hand, I was much less opposed to the choker than I expected to be! So maybe…maybe…I might try on another one of those choker-included-tops and might even buy it this time around!

And this concludes my Try On-slash-Inside the Dressing Room for today. In case you’d like to have a look at my last “Inside the the Dressing Room”, then please click here.

Let me know in the comments which piece you like the most and which one you think I should have bought?

Becky x



  1. preppypinkpiglet · June 12, 2017

    Lovely outfits and you look great 🙂

    • Becky Ontheloose · June 13, 2017

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!😊 I like them too, should’ve bought at least 1 of them…🙈

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