Music Monday: 10 songs I currently have on repeat.

So, for today I thought I’d share with you a list of 10 songs I currently have on repeat. Well, repeat is maybe too strong a word for some but at least I don’t feel like pressing the skip button. I hope you enjoy what you find in this list and maybe even discover your new favorite song!

Let me know in the comments: what is one song you can always turn to and always listen to no matter what mood you’re in or what is currently happening?

Mø – Final Song

I discovered Mø of course through her collaboration with Major Lazor but my best friend then recommended me her song Kamikaze and I was hooked by the melody alone. For a long time that was the song I had on repeat. Now recently I was in a friend’s car and Final Song was on the radio, I shazamed it and since then it’s in my playlist and my daily Top 10.

Kirby – Loved by You

Her voice. The lyrics. The melody. I first heard the song in a Jamie & Nikki vlog and I needed to find out what it was because the first line had me like! Luckily Jamie always writes the songs they use in the description box and I found one of my new favorite songs for particular moods! (Thank you Jamie & Nikki) Also, when I listened to the song the first time in full length, it made me miss a certain someone even more than I already do…

Z – Nobody’s Better (feat. Fetty Wap)

This song! Sometimes, I happen to be a sucker for Commercial Hip Hop, so far that has never been a secret. I made a playlist with such Hip Hop songs for a close friend and while browsing around I noticed that I like many songs in which Fetty Wap featured. I came across this one and I think there’s one lyric line that caught my attention and got me hooked. I can safely say that I play it on repeat, no shame 😉

Gallant – Weight in Gold

Just listen to it, will you? I don’t know how to explain or what to say about it, but I enjoy it as it is. How I found it, you ask? I’d like to say through a friend, but no, my favorite KPop Idol Band was asked what their favorite Western songs are at the moment and my favorite member mentioned this particular song. I gave it a listen and that brings us to here 🙂

Gloria Estefan – Hoy (Spanish Album version)

Spain, my Love! I want to learn Spanish so badly it hurts (yes because I don’t speak enough languages already)! All my best friends are Spaniards and I seem to learn my Spanish only from songs… OK! Reggeaton songs. So, when I find Spanish songs that are not made for the club and to shake “what you got”, I hold on to them, dearly! This one is actually a Peruvian song that Gloria Estefan covered, but I fell in love with the chorus and I cannot stop listening to it.

I still remember when I heard it the first time: I was in 8th grade, it was a summer evening and I was lying on my bed reading while listening to the radio and it came on. It perfectly fit the atmosphere of the sunset and it’s colors, the stuffy temperatures and the general “easy life” of the summer. 10+ years later, I still love it and recently re-discovered it.

Sam Tsui, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Madilyn Bailey & Alex G – Send my love (to your new lover), Adele Cover

A close friend shared this video on Facebook and ever since I find myself listening to it at least once a day! I am in love with acapella (since I love to sing, but only when noone’s around to hear me), cute Kurt Hugo Schneider and dangerously obsessed with amazing harmonies; this cover just combines it all in one! Sorry to all the hardcore Adele-fans out there, but I haven’t even heard the original yet and I don’t really plan on doing it either because I love this version too much!

Aaron Richards – Where are Ü now (feat. Ocean Avenue), Skrillex & Justin Bieber Cover

Aaron‘s voice is as smooth as ice cream on a hot summer day and I could listen to him sing for forever! This is the song I discovered him by and it is a favorite of mine. I also highly enjoy the little twist they did on it towards the end. Just give it a listen and hear for yourself!

EXO – Lotto

Yes, it’s KPop. No, I don’t care that I barely understand anything. Yes, I love it. EXO is a 9 member band and one of the Korean bands that is the most known in the world and that for a reason. “Lotto”, their latest single, is right up my Commercial Hip Hop lane: the melody and I like their voices and how they pronounce the English words with their accent! While you’re at it, you should maybe give “Monster” a listen too. Video/Story-wise, Monster was released before Lotto, but is actually the sequel of it. Their choreographies are awesome and complex at times, I would like to be able to dance them in full, I only know certain parts, so another reason of why to watch the music videos in case handsome Korean guys aren’t a reason enough yet.

In case anyone wants to know my biases in EXO, go ahead and leave me a comment.

WJSN/Cosmic Girls – Secret

This song is stuck in my head 24/7 and I love it. Still KPop, but a Girl Band of 13 members (!!!) this time and I don’t know any of their names. I’m not sure how to describe the concept they were going with, but since in English they’re called “Cosmic Girls” the setting of somewhere in space is fitting. The song is very catchy and I’m a sucker for the chorus with that high note. Give it a listen and see/hear for yourself what I mean 😉

Jay Park – Solo (feat. Hoody)

Jay Park!!! This guy is an awesome Korean rapper and he produces songs that are what I listen to. I already played his songs at a House Party and people danced to it and nobody noticed that it was Korean because it sounds like it could be an American song you listen to while cruising in LA, at least that’s the vibe I’m getting. The female feature, Hoody, has an amazing voice and I think her part might be my favorite in the song. How I came to know this song: JRE (from JREKML) did an English cover of “Solo” together with SΔLV and in their music video, JRE gives me all kinds of feels 😛 However, I had to find the Korean version and for the longest time, Spotify only had a remix or cover version (I’m not even sure what exactly it is) and it was close enough to the original to get the vibe and the catchy melody, but I still prefer the original with Jay and Hoody.

If you’re looking for a cool song to listen to when on your way to the club on a summer night, I think this might be it.

Bonus: BTS – I Need U

BTS! Bangtan Sonyeondan! My boys, my loves! I don’t even know where to start with them, all I can say is that I am head over heels in love with them and their music. I think I’ll do a post dedicated to them alone just because I love them so much.

There are 3 songs of them that I always find myself listening to, but “I Need U” might be the one I turn on the most often. I love how the sound and melody of the song combine Western and Asian elements, I love how they manage to transport so much emotion through rap and their vocals are always on point! I also highly enjoy of how the song is put together with dramatic sequences, dance breakdowns but also soulful rap. If you don’t believe me, just go ahead and give it a listen!

A very special treat is their Dance Practice video to I Need U! The first time I saw it, I was absolutely amazed and fascinated by how on point they are with their moves; I just couldn’t stop staring!

P.S: Happy Birthday, Leader RapMonster! Here’s to many more years to come, Namjoon! ❤ 


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