Short Story Sunday: In Loving Memory…

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(First written in 2008, edited and handed in in 2010; the picture is from my Creative Writing Portfolio from 2010)

We were lying still. The thoughts were racing in our heads, unheard. It was a warm August night with an endless clear sky and uncountable bright stars. It was our favorite time together, lying down in the grass in our little garden listening to the sounds of nature by night, just sometimes interrupted by the noise of a distant car.

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Throw Back Christmas.

Christmas time is over. I had a cozy feast with my family, a lot (like really, a lot) of food, a lot of candies and a general nice ambiance. So before you now think that I will show you what I got for Christmas, it’s a no. My presents were very decent and nothing worth showing, I never wish for something and I am more of a giving person. (I just love giving presents to others!)

Despite my prior Christmas Outfit post from some days ago, I wore something completely different once the time came round. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures since I was really busy with preparations and helping out here and there and making my sisters’ hair and helping them to get dressed. Therefore I thought I could make a little “throw back” from two Christmas outfits that I wore in 2010 & 2011.

So let’s get started!

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Sharing is Caring: Kife(F)ight

Everyone who is into Video Games, listen up!

As a fellow Nerd although far more active in other domains and only occasionally indulges in a game of Tetris or Super Mario Bros (I used to be Pro in those games during my younger years…what happened to me!), I bring you this blog that you should visit with their matching Facebook group!

It is a blog run by a fellow Luxembourgish blogger: She is a fierce and pretty Gamer, she writes reviews about various games and tries to reach out to girls that are into Video Games as well.

Personally, I believe that it is a good initiative to gather Gamer-girls and create a means where you can exchange and express yourself, without having guys frown upon your activities.

So, if this has woken your interest, than click over to…

The Blog:

The Facebook Group:


In case you wondered why it is so quiet around here, well I’m currently preparing my finals and therefore have to sacrifice my time to studying =/

But I already have plans for when I am done next week and when I will be on Christmas holidays/break 😉 For example, there will be collaborations with other Luxembourgish bloggers, I will start a new (Fashion) advice section, I plan on sharing my own writing with you on here as well and other lovely things coming your way.

I just thought that I make sure that I haven’t abandoned the ship quite yet.

Until then, have a wonderful time.

Becky x