The interview.

So, yours truly had a job interview yesterday. I finished University maybe 2 months ago and, call me crazy but I already miss studying. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss exams at freaking all but I miss being taught something and writing down on paper with a pen and a purpose. But yeah, that’s how the cookie crumbles I guess. Anyways, here is what I wore yesterday.

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#ITDR: New Yorker.

Yesterday, I went shopping with 3 of my 6 sisters because one of them needed new shoes. After strolling around looking for some shoes for her, we entered some clothing shops too. Mind you, the choice of clothing shops in Luxembourg is quite limited, harsh but true.  In New Yorker, I decided to try some things on and take some pictures in the Dressing room. Let’s have a look…

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#ITDR or In The Dressing Room.

So, I’ve been browsing around Youtube, watching different Fashion related videos and I landed on some “In the Dressing Room” (short: ITDR) videos from some Plus Size Vloggers. Basically in those videos, they show what they try on and how the things look on them, what they like or dislike about the things and whether they bought it or not.

Checking my picture folder on my phone, I realized that I take pictures in the Dressing Room while trying clothes on, so yeah, I thought that maybe I could share some of those pictures on here and getting back into Fashion on here.

Let’s go on that shopping trip together, now shall we?

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Happy New Year 2015.

First things first (I’m the realest? No.) I wish you all a happy new year. This alone should include all the other wishes that come along with wishing someone for new years, since I am, quite frankly, a little too lazy to type it all out. I hope you don’t mind this too much, I still wish you all the happiness that you need.

Second, I spent New Year’s Eve at home with the family. It’s a tradition in my house and I never really minded it to begin with. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t dress up to look fancy to start the new year.

So, here’s my New Year’s Eve Outfit:

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Throw Back Christmas.

Christmas time is over. I had a cozy feast with my family, a lot (like really, a lot) of food, a lot of candies and a general nice ambiance. So before you now think that I will show you what I got for Christmas, it’s a no. My presents were very decent and nothing worth showing, I never wish for something and I am more of a giving person. (I just love giving presents to others!)

Despite my prior Christmas Outfit post from some days ago, I wore something completely different once the time came round. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures since I was really busy with preparations and helping out here and there and making my sisters’ hair and helping them to get dressed. Therefore I thought I could make a little “throw back” from two Christmas outfits that I wore in 2010 & 2011.

So let’s get started!

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Neon Mustard.

Whatever color that may be…

Here is an outfit I wore sometime during the last week (or even the week before?) and I took some quick snaps of it, but didn’t get around to post them on here. There is no story or anything connected to the outfit, just me and my sense of (preppy) styling.

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What’s up Pussycat?

The 11.11.2014 at 11:11 was the beginning of Carnival. Especially here in Maastricht people seem to take their celebrations to the next level and I have never seen so many well costumed people at once in my life before. The actual festivities took place at the Markt (Market square) in the morning, but I preferred sleeping in (no classes on Tuesdays!) and join later.

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