Stranger Things’ Eleven – a peculiar girl on our TV screens.


A friend of mine plans to open her own Online Magazine catered to women in their twenties. She kindly asked me if I liked to participate by contributing content/articles and since I haven’t written something in a very long time and it starts to tingle in my fingers; I decided I would come up with something. So here is my article as I wrote it without any control or editing from the Editor in Chief. Once the Online Magazine is out, I will link you to it.

Let me know in the comments if you watched the Series and what you think of Eleven? (Or if you haven’t watched it yet, and looked at this post anyways, do you plan on doing so?

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Short Story Sunday: In Loving Memoryโ€ฆ

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(First written in 2008, edited and handed in in 2010; the picture is from my Creative Writing Portfolio from 2010)

We were lying still. The thoughts were racing in our heads, unheard. It was a warm August night with an endless clear sky and uncountable bright stars. It was our favorite time together, lying down in the grass in our little garden listening to the sounds of nature by night, just sometimes interrupted by the noise of a distant car.

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