What’s up Pussycat?

The 11.11.2014 at 11:11 was the beginning of Carnival. Especially here in Maastricht people seem to take their celebrations to the next level and I have never seen so many well costumed people at once in my life before. The actual festivities took place at the Markt (Market square) in the morning, but I preferred sleeping in (no classes on Tuesdays!) and join later.

My friend Eva and I had planned to attend a Carnival International Party in the evening, so we joined our friend Elise for dinner at her place and we 3 left after a yummy Quiche to throw ourselves out there in this Mix&Mingle (name of the party) that was happening 😉 [Note: the music was really bad and the DJ was this kind of person that takes the mic and yells random stuff at unconvenient moments… It wasn’t a great party…]

On our way to Elise’s place (kinda on the other side of the city) is when we saw all those people and they really put an effort into their costume, as if they kept money aside to buy a really good one or create an almost professional DIY costume. That’s when Eva and I realized: We need to step up our game!

Since I had no idea what I represented during Halloween, I thought I could take my own try on a classic, so I went for a Cat. It is almost a Cat-Inception: a human dressed as a cat in a cat dress o.O yes, let that sink in. I tried to make my hair look like ears, I hope that comes across, somehow 😉


Hair bow: H&M // Dress: H&M Divided // Bow belt: Tally Weijl // Tights: H&M // Chelsea Boots: Primark

Some close-ups:


Meow. (Cat face is not my speciality)


Anecdote of the night: Thomas, whoever you were and wherever you are, you were a fun guy for pulling us onto the dancefloor and make us sway our hips with you and pinky-promise you we would take care^^ Cupping my face the way you did made me doubt your intentions, but you went for a lasting cheek peck. You were funny… and wasted, as you stated so yourself 😉



  1. eyerainverses · November 22, 2014

    Cat Inception, brilliant 😀 Also, looking muy cute x

    • shewritesatnight · November 25, 2014

      Haha, thank you!;) I thought it would be a fitting word game somehow^^

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