#Noona Fan: KPop and I – How this Love Story began.

January 12th 2016 marks the beginning… of the end? Well, not the end really, more like a beginning that at the same time leads to a new form of personal downfall. It marks the day I discovered KPop.

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Music Monday: 10 songs I currently have on repeat.

So, for today I thought I’d share with you a list of 10 songs I currently have on repeat. Well, repeat is maybe too strong a word for some but at least I don’t feel like pressing the skip button. I hope you enjoy what you find in this list and maybe even discover your new favorite song!

Let me know in the comments: what is one song you can always turn to and always listen to no matter what mood you’re in or what is currently happening?

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Stranger Things’ Eleven – a peculiar girl on our TV screens.


A friend of mine plans to open her own Online Magazine catered to women in their twenties. She kindly asked me if I liked to participate by contributing content/articles and since I haven’t written something in a very long time and it starts to tingle in my fingers; I decided I would come up with something. So here is my article as I wrote it without any control or editing from the Editor in Chief. Once the Online Magazine is out, I will link you to it.

Let me know in the comments if you watched the Series and what you think of Eleven? (Or if you haven’t watched it yet, and looked at this post anyways, do you plan on doing so?

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