Music Monday: Melanie Martinez.

Because this Pastel Goth makes a difference and you should know about her.

Meet Melanie Martinez, an outspoken, tooth gaped, two-color-haired, doll-faced 20 year old American singer, songwriter and photographer. She participated in The Voice – US in 2012 and was part of Team Adam but was eliminated before the final. Personally, I had no idea that she appeared in this show and it was probably for the better because I got to experience her music on my own without prior influences.

I was introduced to Martinez’s music via the “New Music Friday” playlist on Spotify. It was the song “Pity Party” (also the lead single of her new and 1st album “Cry Baby”, released in August 2015) that was listed and had me already with the little throwback to Lesley Gore’s “It’s my Party” from 1965, a song I have listened to a little too often since I was a kid. Once I saw the music video to Pity Party, one thing was immediately clear to me: I need more!

Martinez’s style can be described as “Honest Pop Music”: it’s catchy, easy on the ear, but with lyrics that go deeper than your stereotypical and average “let’s party and get drunk!” She sings about subjects singers nowadays usually scare away from such as family issues, drug addictions, society’s messed up perceptions, the dark sides of love, being an outsider, etc… At the same time, it’s a mix of Alternative, Indie Pop, Electro music and at points some psychedelic beats while still having a very girly touch, if I may say so. Her voice is a rather raspy soft one which is able to paint pictures of the lyrics she’s singing. Personally, I am a huge fan of her music and the videos that come along with it, there is something so odd and slightly whimsical about them that just make me watch them over and over again; they are straight up fascinating. On of my absolute favorite songs of her album is probably “Soap” which has a very bizarre music video but the lyrics to that song are just so spot on and, on a personal level, very much relatable.

“Never should have said that word ‘Love’, threw a toaster in the bath tub. I’m sick of all the games I have to play. I’m tired of being careful, gentle, trying to keep the water warm. Let me under your skin. Uh-oh, there it goes, it overflowed! Why do I always spill?”

Songs you definitely should give a listen:

Sippy Cup:

“Pill diet, pill diet, if they gave you a new pill then you will buy it. If they say to kill yourself then you will try it. All the make-up in the world, won’t make you less insecure…”


“…chasing after you is like a fairytale, but I’m glued on tight to this Carousel.”


“You don’t hear me when I say ‘Mum, please wake up! Dad’s with a Slut and your son is smoking Cannabis!’ Nobody listens as wall paper glistens. Don’t let them see what goes down in the kitchen.”

Play Date:

“When I try to talk you’re always playing board games. I wish I had monopoly over your mind. I wish I didn’t care all the time.”

Other songs I really like too are “Mrs. Potato Head” (very critical towards nowadays beauty standards and what people do to correspond to them!), “Mad Hatter” (an allusion to mental illnesses but also a critic to how society is ready to label everything that does not conform), “Training Wheels“, and “Cake” (‘I’m not a piece of cake!’ That line can be read in so many different ways here and it’s very clever!).

I’m in love with her entire Album, but I cannot post all her songs here, so just go ahead and give it a listen.

Find Melanie Martinez on Social Media:

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