Letting out my inner Geek.

Do you know the feeling of having a few good friends for quite some time already and then they do this really rude thing, which is not existing in real life? Well, in case of a Yes, I bid you welcome to my world. Let us grieve together!

I currently suffer from a Post Book Depression. (Yes, you read this right.) On Friday, I finished the book series “The Infernal Devices” (TID) by Cassandra Clare, which is the prequel to the “The Mortal Instruments” (TMI) series; all together it’s a set of 9 books. It is a Young Adult Low Fantasy (Fantasy Fiction set in the real world with the inclusion of magical elements) and it’s the best thing since sliced bread! It is a world in which I could see myself living: I love the characters, consider them “friends”, I love the storyline and how it is able to combine action, romance and a big load of sarcasm into a novel. It was a place I could run to when life was not on my side.

It has been quite some time that a book or a book series managed to capture me in such a way. I was hooked since the 1st book and I wanted more, I just needed to know how it all continues! What further challenges do they have to face? Will my favorites survive? and most of all, will there be a happy ending? Unfortunately, nobody else I know has read the book series or even seen the movie (watch the Trailer now and then buy the movie and most of all the books! ALL OF THEM!), so here I am, fangirling on my own.

Friends smile upon my minor obsession, I tried to get one of my best friends to read it but she said that it did nothing for her, my sisters said that they don’t understand it and I cannot blame them… I prefer reading books in their original language (given I understand it!) and those happen to be in English; the English level of my sisters is very basic, so I won’t insist (yet).


When I finished the last book, I admit I was in tears; actually, I was in tears throughout the entire TID series, so many feels that hit you hard. For such a long time, the characters and their stories have been with me and I grew fond of all of them, I even developped a minor crush on one of them (Jem Carstairs, you sweet and smooth Gentleman, you!), it was all supposed to be “happy, go, lucky!” and continue for many more books. Basically, it was Harry Potter all over again! The hurting feeling of having reached the end when you weren’t ready for it to end quite yet. With Harry Potter, there were at least the movies to look forward to until the last part came out and you were in tears all over again, this series however, there is little known if there shall be another movie coming out or if the rumors of a TV Series are correct.

When I closed the book, I hugged it and asked myself “and now?” I used to carry it with me, read whenever I had the chance, for instance when I had to wait somewhere or was on one of my many train rides between Luxembourg and the Netherlands. I looked forward to reading their stories and their adventures and wishing to be part of this exciting lifestyle that they had, which was so different and so for away from my daily exhausting nightmare called “Law studies“. Books that I devour and enjoy so much, make me reflect: partly of why I “gave up” my English studies and partly of why I don’t write anymore myself today. Frustrating… I don’t want to lose my ability to write, yet I’m lacking the time and inspiration and when I get the time, I have no drive or motivation left. Sometimes I get a spark of enthusiasm to pick up a pen and just write and I even have a smart idea for a short story, for example, but the minute I sit down and have a blank page in front of me, my mind goes just as blank as the page.

Anyhow, I found out that there will be another 2 book series (3 books each) following that take place between and after the ones I read already, which is grand news and I’m looking forward to get my hands on those books!

If you happen to be part of the Shadowhunter-Fandom, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me! I would love to talk to someone who read the books and about the books.




  1. eyerainverses · February 28, 2015

    Awww sounds scrumptious! Will try google and investigate further in this matter…maybe you’ll soon have a new companion in fangirl ville. “Just because fiction does not contain anything that is real, doesn’t mean it can’t contain truth.” – How so very true this is! ♡

    • shewritesatnight · March 3, 2015

      Yes 😀 Let me know what you think of it, even if after your research you’re not a fan 😉 but would be cool to have some company in fangirl ville^^ I really like the quote, it just sums up what I always thought applied to all my babies (speak: books) but wasn’t really capable of putting it down in words… I just know that I will always be attached to fictional characters and that is totally fine by me 🙂 ❤

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