Happy New Year 2015.

First things first (I’m the realest? No.) I wish you all a happy new year. This alone should include all the other wishes that come along with wishing someone for new years, since I am, quite frankly, a little too lazy to type it all out. I hope you don’t mind this too much, I still wish you all the happiness that you need.

Second, I spent New Year’s Eve at home with the family. It’s a tradition in my house and I never really minded it to begin with. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t dress up to look fancy to start the new year.

So, here’s my New Year’s Eve Outfit:

Quick Info to my Outfit: I actually intended to wear something completely different, but when I went Christmas present shopping with a friend, we walked the shops and I came across this Peplum top in H&M. I eyed it already earlier when it first came out but for some reason, I never felt like actually buying it, not even trying it on, but this time round it was on sales and it was the beginning of a beautiful love story.



Confetti Polka Dot Peplum Shirt H&M Black New Years Eve

Confetti Polka Dot Peplum Shirt H&M Black New Years Eve

Confetti Polka Dot Peplum Shirt: H&M // Black Mini Skirt: H&M // Gold Waist Belt: ASOS // Gold Glitter Flats: H&M (I have them already for 4 years now!)


“LOVE” earrings: Pull & Bear


Jewelry set that I got for my birthday, I think it’s H&M.


Face of the night. Happy 2015 everyone!

Becky x



  1. Dāsha · January 3, 2015

    the top is very festive; hope you had a great time!

    • shewritesatnight · January 3, 2015

      Thanky you 🙂 yes, I did, it was calm but fun nonetheless 🙂

  2. peculiarporter · January 3, 2015

    This top is actually beautiful. I love the texture mixed with the dots. Perfect New Years outfit!

    • shewritesatnight · January 4, 2015

      Thank you very much 🙂 Me too, I love the confetti “effect” of the shirt 🙂

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