Sharing is Caring: Kife(F)ight

Everyone who is into Video Games, listen up!

As a fellow Nerd although far more active in other domains and only occasionally indulges in a game of Tetris or Super Mario Bros (I used to be Pro in those games during my younger years…what happened to me!), I bring you this blog that you should visit with their matching Facebook group!

It is a blog run by a fellow Luxembourgish blogger: She is a fierce and pretty Gamer, she writes reviews about various games and tries to reach out to girls that are into Video Games as well.

Personally, I believe that it is a good initiative to gather Gamer-girls and create a means where you can exchange and express yourself, without having guys frown upon your activities.

So, if this has woken your interest, than click over to…

The Blog:

The Facebook Group:


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