Neon Mustard.

Whatever color that may be…

Here is an outfit I wore sometime during the last week (or even the week before?) and I took some quick snaps of it, but didn’t get around to post them on here. There is no story or anything connected to the outfit, just me and my sense of (preppy) styling.

The sweater/jumper (Somehow my English skills fail me when it comes to clothing items and their names…) is yellow, at least of that I am sure, but what tone of it is not so easily identifiable: it could be Neon, it could also easily be Mustard. You are more than welcome to start a “Color War” in the comment section or at least tell me what you think it is 🙂

Also, I cannot find my Tripod anywhere… I am in the possession of a very nice DSLR baby called Nikon D3100 but without my Tripod I cannot take any full body pictures to do proper and nice OOTD pictures… As soon as that mystery is solved, and by that I mean 1) whether it is in Luxembourg or in Maastricht and 2) where about it is hiding, there will be better quality pictures coming your way, that is all that I can promise. Until then, deal with my “brilliant iPhone-photography skills” and “Mirror Selfies” 😉

IMG_2129 Necklace: H&M // White sleeveless button up shirt (underneath): H&M // Yellow Jumper/Sweater: Primark // Black Skinny Jeans: Primark // Black Chelsea Boots: Primark




  1. Arielle · November 25, 2014

    Gorgeous! I love your necklace ❤

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