Hallow’s eve.

It was a scary night on the 31st of October… Well, not that much though 😉

And once again this year we asked ourselves “what shall we be for Halloween?” I had a plan, I had a costume and I had the drive to look awesome, the emphasize is on “had”. The idea was to dress up as Frankenstein’s Bride (English Literature students, as myself in the past, cringe because Frankenstein is the Doctor NOT the Monster!) since it was a convenient hair style and I had what I needed already in wardrobe anyways and I believed to be original. I was so wrong… The downsides of having telepathic skills with your close friends is that you often end up thinking alike and that is what happened! While I thought my costume would be special, my friend Alicia casually spilled that she and her boyfriend would dress up as Frankenstein and his bride.


Friday rolled around and I already frantically searched for a different costume but nothing really seemed to live up to my Franky’s Bride idea and concept. So, eventually, I had 2 friends over, one, Kim, made the way from Luxembourg to Maastricht on a spontaneous but encouraged note on Thursday evening to spend the weekend here. After eating and drinking and rummaging the shops for last minute costume props, we ended in my room. My friend Kim is a gifted girl when it comes to make-up and so we left her in charge of our face areas. In general, we dressed up as Broken Doll, Fortune Teller and Undefined Lady in Black. I suppose you might be able to guess my costume. Yup, the last one.

IMG_3424IMG_3425  Black Lace Dress: H&M – Divided // Bolero jacket: H&M (very old already!) // Necklace: H&M // Lipstick: MAC – Living Legend 

Story about the Guys: I do not know them, but they were awesome! Met them in the club and the way they danced just made me curious. Plus their costumes are very intriguing as well. So, I just walked up to them and asked for a picture with them. Yes, that’s how cool I am. I don’t even know what exactly their costumes are supposed to be, but yet again mine has no name either, so yeah. The one holding the dog asked “Happy picture or creepy picture?” “Both” was my answer, but it didn’t quite work out. Anymoo, I like the pics and I liked them.


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