Show a little heart.

Human Rights. Something that is very dear to my heart and something I care about a lot. Already as a child, the tender age of 9, I wanted to be a Defense Lawyer in order to make sure that Human Rights were respected and obeyed. I guess this is what you get when you face bullies in Kindergarden, you have family in a very troublesome country in Africa, slavery is a part of your heritage and you still have faith in humanity and a very developed sense of helping where you can.

While sometimes, I do have the feeling of “hating people with a vengeance” when they particularly annoy me in my every day, but so far I have not completely gave up on them because I do believe that every person has something good inside of them. I refuse to believe that people were born evil, they become evil with time.

After saying this, I do believe that with one step at a time, we can make a better world, therefore I would like you to sign this Amnesty International “Stop Torture. Start Now.” Campaign. Show your support of ending these gruesome measures that some individuals inflict on other human beings, for the oddest reasons ever. No one has ever deserved such treatment and should never have to endure it under no circumstances! Ever. And yet, it happens every day in too many different places. The most in prisons, that have been established by States that owe their citizens and all people on their territory security.

“No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” – Article 5, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Since I started participating in Model United Nations, I am actively following the work of various NGOs, Amnesty International is one of them. Often I have read the stories that they share and too often they bring tears to my eyes because it hurts me how one can hurt someone else in such a way.

Therefore, it is time to ACT! Start here and now!


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